NIQ’s World

WE are an entertainment team based in Las Vegas that has dedicated themselves to creating the most amazing, one of a kind entertainment such as shows for streaming or for live stages, costume design, video game development, music creation & production. Welcome to our World! Welcome to The Space!

Niq Durr, Founder of THESPACE 3D Asset Library

Niq Durr

Niq Durr is a director /producer of elaborate stage/TV productions. Her productions have traveled the world, performing in more than sixteen countries. They filled large stadiums and more than 3 million people have seen her creations... in Las Vegas alone more than 800 shows were performed.

An important part of her productions is not only to create original music/ soundtrack for each production but also design a one- of- a- kind costume inventory. With her team and the master of pattern making, Antonio Rodriguez, Niq created more than 15.000 costume pieces and an amazing hat collection.

Throughout her career, Niq Durr has always been a visionary, and she strongly believes in the importance of virtual 3D entertainment and that the metaverse will play an important, all-consuming part in all our lives. She created TheSpace Online Asset Library to give you access to her incredible costume inventory.

Once you enter the metaverse and it becomes a part of your life, be inspired by Niq’s costume designs, and walk it with style and class.
For all animators and game developers, Niq’s vault of treasures will give you new perspectives for your games, will give your characters new life and your avatars will triumph and stand out from the crowd.