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The Most Unique 3D Asset Library to walk the Metaverse in Style!
Introducing for the first time next to TheSpace VIP LOOKs, the new LOW POLY COUNT BoringLOOKs™ Collection!

"To create virtual reality you must mimic the real world we live in. You need the real life objects, the texture & the flow. For decades my passion has been creating costumes. Now the Metaverse is calling and I'm opening my vault of more than 15.000 LOOKs for you! This is just the beginning... so much more to come from TheSpaceMeta!"

— Niq Durr, Founder

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Watch TheSpace 3D VIP LOOK models in action:

Episode #4: TheSpace Spider Planet
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Watch TheSpace 3D VIP LOOK models in action:

Episode #6: TheSpace Drone Flight
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TheSpace BoringLOOKs™

The BoringLOOKs™ fit all Avatars! Low in Poly Count.

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Introducing TheSpace BoringLOOKs™!
Meet the Space Avatar Family!

TheSpace BoringLOOKs™ with low POLYGON COUNT to Fit All Avatars

3 Download Options available

VIP NO. 1- BE YOUR OWN CREATOR: Each download for a LOOK in 2D contains 2 costume blueprints + 4 angles in hi res .TIF format. These unique costume blueprints create fast workflow when conceptualizing your idea.

VIP NO. 2- READY TO GO: Each download for a VIP LOOK in 3D contains texture sets, sample renders, wireframes and .obj / .fbx files.

NEW! NEW! NO. 3 IntroducingTheSpace BoringLOOKs™! 3D LOOKs that fit all Avatars. LOW POLYGON COUNT!